New Ktex 1 and Ktex 4 Skirting Boards

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22. July 2011 | With matching inner and outer corners as well as harmonised left and right end pieces for perfect transitions and neat terminations.

A patented, easy-to-use attachment system lets you simply snap the boards on, thus eliminating unsightly nail and screw heads.

The Eye Glides Over Smoothly Matching Decors

KRONOTEX ensures harmonious transitions – also in corners and where the floor meets the wall. Ktex 1 and Ktex 4, the new decor skirting boards with stable MDF core, are now also available in beech, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and silver. This new generation of skirting boards is even more rugged and covers joints better than ever. Plus, thanks to a patented innovative system, you can simply snap them on “invisibly”.

Child’s Play to Install and Remove

Ktex 1 and Ktex 4 are simple to pull off the attachment claws, for instance when renovating, and snap them back on again afterwards. The attachment elements also let you conveniently and invisibly lay cables behind the skirting boards – and easily access them when needed.

You’ll find more accessories, including transition and stair profiles, under Products / Accessories.

Kundeninfo Sockelleisten GB.pdf
Kundeninfo Sockelleisten GB.pdf
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