Peccadillos – How to Avoid Interior Decorating Mistakes

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15. July 2011 | Old mixed with new, classic designs alongside items snapped up at a flea market, plaid next to floral patterns – these days, practically anything goes where interior decorating and furnishings are concerned. There are really only a few genuine “no no’s” to keep in mind. As long as you know and avoid these faux pas, you can create an unusual yet stylish ambience in your home.

Ordinary Equals Boring – Unusual Is More Fun

It takes a bit of courage to blaze new trails when fixing up a room, an entire flat or a whole house, instead of following the crowd and doing it like furniture shops and glossy home decorating mags recommend. In the book “Wohne lieber ungewöhnlich, Die Lust am individuellen Einrichten” (“Prefer to live unusually; the joy of decorating differently”; available in German only), which was recently published by Callwey, authors Jana Jung and Simona Heuberger show how odd and unexpected combinations can turn living space into an eye-pleasing experience that inspires others to make changes within their own four walls. Instead of fashionably sterile model homes, they present the real, extraordinary habitats of people who dare to live “differently” – and already know what must be avoided at all cost.

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Decorating and the Unlimited Possibilities of Modern Flooring

To teach intrepid decorating novices who dare to be original how to tell what works and what doesn’t, Simona Heuberger, art historian and co-author of the book mentioned above, has compiled a list of the seven most important decorating rules and explained them in depth. At www.zuhause.de she shows that “TV altars” or oversize “monster wall units”, for example, can utterly ruin a home’s overall impression. She also explains why it is a bad idea to combine different wood decors in the same room. If you aren’t willing to toss everything out and completely redecorate because the floor clashes with the furniture, fortunately you have another option: namely, to search for an aesthetic solution among the vast array of decors available in modern laminate flooring. The KRONOTEX Floor Studio lets you experience how they look in context, simply by clicking with the mouse. By uploading photographs, you can even see in advance how they would appear in your own home. Try it out and see for yourself how dramatically the effect can be altered merely by varying the laying angle or joint style.

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