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01.09.2011 ¡Aún mejor servicio sistemático! Un nuevo sistema para descargar materiales publicitarios ya se puede aprovechar.
18.08.2011 Beautiful, unique and strong - Something you’d ordinarily only find in fairy tales.
12.08.2011 Everything Is So Colourful Here!
05.08.2011 Do “Ice Age Manfred” and “KRONOTEX Laminates” Have Anything in Common? And How!
13.04.2011 KRONOTEX international – Competence Showcased at MosBuild in Moscow
15.01.2011 Multinational! 2011 COLLECTION

KRONOTEX High-Quality Laminate Flooring

Long-Lived and Conducive to Healthy Living

You’ll find experts and contacts for laminate flooring

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