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D4794 1845 244 V4 Area A2 CMYK ECI.jpg

Debido a diferencias de contraste, luminosidad y resolución, una pantalla de ordenador sólo puede aproximar los colores y estructuras de los productos fabricados.

­ KRONOTEX MAMMUT PLUS — Laminado Macro Oak nature D 4794

The décor Macro Oak nature (D 4794) of the MAMMUT PLUS collection inspires with the playful swirl of its colours and the appearance of organically grown natural wood. The décor and embossing of this laminate are perfectly aligned in register, making it come tangibly alive with the look & feel and grain of real oak wood. It exudes a feeling of total harmony in any season. This elaborately designed décor is also characterised by outstanding robustness (abrasion resistance class AC5) and universal usability for creating enchanting interiors thanks to extra-wide panels measuring 1845 x 244 x 10mm. You can count on excellent results in any room, whether it’s in a home or a commercial establishment.

Esta decoración se ha optimizado de tal manera que resiste los efectos de la humedad durante más tiempo. Encontrará más información aquí (

Programa de suministro

Grueso Largo Ancho Paneles / Cartón m² / cartón Cartón / Paleta m² / paleta
10 1845 244 4 1,800 42 75,600
  • Beanspruchungsklasse 33
  • AC 5

Estructura de superficie

ER (registered emboss): genuine wood appearance due to consistence between pattern and embossing

Ilustraciones del estilo decorativo para descargar

Piso instalado
Descargar ilustración (jpg, 40,77 MB)
Panel individual
Descargar ilustración (jpg, 3,58 MB)

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Your requirements

Length: -- running metres
Package contents: 1.800 m2 of laminate
Estimated trimming scrap: 10 %
Required quantity: -- boxes

Underlay: -- m2


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