Do “Ice Age Manfred” and “KRONOTEX Laminates” Have Anything in Common? And How!

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05. August 2011 | Apart from the word mammoth (which is what "MAMMUT" means in German), "Manny" and our "non plus ultra laminate" have many of the same attributes: both are hardy, robust, reliable, extra-large and very popular.

MAMMUT from KRONOTEX - a Modern "Action Hero"

The creators of the animated "Ice Age" films needed a protagonist that was big and strong enough to confidently handle adventures in the Ice Age. The character of Manfred was ideal for this role. And when casting about for a flooring that can take a lot of abuse but always looks great, there's only one possible candidate: MAMMUT from KRONOTEX. This modern "action hero" masters even the roughest scenes without suffering any scratches or other blemishes. It is equally suitable for playing parts in home environments and in public and corporate settings. And it is versatile: MAMMUT from KRONOTEX can slip into a wide spectrum of outfits. Whether it sports a natural, rustic country-style or elegant big-city look, MAMMUT is always convincing with an authentic appearance. And MAMMUT has what many of its rivals lack: an XXL format for large-scale sets. No doubt about it: MAMMUT laminate flooring from KRONOTEX has already made laminate history.

For more information and photographs of MAMMUT in a wardrobe of different roles, check out our 2011 "Star" collection. This unique, complete KRONOTEX programme also includes other KRONOEX "stars". Click here to download it.

And if you'd ever like to sit in the director's chair yourself and create your own feature with MAMMUT or another KRONOTEX star, the KRONOTEX Floor Studio makes it easy to do with just a few clicks of the mouse. Try it out!

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