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The Greening of Home Living

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22. March 2017 | “Greenery” makes a splash in homes as the 2017 Colour of the Year

When the trees and bushes start sprouting leaves outdoors, it’s high time to stir up some springtime feeling inside your home as well. The Colour of the Year is “Greenery”, sparking a vigorous new trend in home living for all nature lovers.

If you don’t always manage to go for a walk or job in the park or forest after work, now you can recharge your batteries in the comfort of your own home. The Pantone Institute has an-nounced a fresh, zesty new yellow-green shade for 2017 that is already kicking off a new trend, as it ideally evokes the feeling of nature inside your home. It’s called “Greenery”.

A Dynamic Nature Duo: Green and Wood

If you paint your walls with this new green hue, you’ll find that it blends perfectly with the Pettersson Oak beige décor of the EXQUISIT family or the elegant Tower Oak Sand of the MAMMUT collection featuring authentic in-register embossing that reinforces their elegant natural wood appearance. The effect is to give the laminate the look & feel of genuine wood. The textures of wood underfoot, in combination with vivid green on the walls, let you connect with nature without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Environmentally Favourable KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring

The eco-friendliness of the KRONOTEX collection is also reason for applause: they consist to over 90% of wood, as they are made from sustainable, healthy wood-based materials. SWISS KRONO TEX produces its laminate flooring using state-of-the-art, energy-efficient plants that are continually being upgraded and improved. You can therefore count on KRONOTEX decors to be wholesome products with a benign environmental footprint.

If You Like Greenery, You’ll Love the KRONOTEX Colorita Unicolour Decors

A colourful wall isn’t the only way to attract attention! Single-colour laminate decors also add pep to your home’s floors. From Ming pastels to ripe green, practically any desired colour can be supplied. They go exceedingly well with leather, gold or other metal interiors; copper ele-ments in particular are now very popular with green. This is because green-and-copper combi-nations have a soothing, uplifting effect.

The KRONOTEX FLOORING COLLECTIONS offer everything you need to trendily decorate your home for maximum enjoyment.

Pettersson Oak beige

Highland Oak titan

Tower Oak Sand

COLORITA collektion

Like a refreshing breeze on a summer day: green walls with the KRONOTEX decor Pet-tersson Oak Beige D 4763 ROBUSTO Harmonious living: Greenery combined with the KRONOTEX decor Highland Oak Titan D 4796 MAMMUT A perfect symbiosis of wood and green: the KRONOTEX decor Tower Oak Sand of the MAMMUT series delights with its authentic grain. The floors of your home can be as colourful as life itself: with unicolour laminate decors of the KRONOTEX COLORITA collection.

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