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Debido a diferencias de contraste, luminosidad y resolución, una pantalla de ordenador sólo puede aproximar los colores y estructuras de los productos fabricados.

­ KRONOTEX ROBUSTO — Laminado Castanea D 4720

Comfort and well-being take priority at this time of year – the evenings get longer, the hectic pace of everyday life is tempered by the shorter days and we focus more on our homes. The warm colouring of the new D 4720 Castanea laminate flooring from the ROBUSTO collection creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The 12 mm thick panels are furnished with a 45 degree bevel. This creates a V-groove during assembly, which gives the floor a solid wood flooring character. Castanea also has a matt look - a special, palpably waxed surface appearance. The discreet skirting board KTEX 1 with the same décor name ensures, with its matching colours, a smooth transition between floor and wall.

Programa de suministro

Grueso Largo Ancho Paneles / Cartón m² / cartón Cartón / Paleta m² / paleta
12 1375 188 5 1,293 56 72,380
  • Beanspruchungsklasse 33
  • AC 5

Estructura de superficie

ML (Matt Look): superficie con efecto encerado perceptible al tacto

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Panel individual
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Length: -- running metres
Package contents: 1.2925 m2 of laminate
Estimated trimming scrap: 10 %
Required quantity: -- boxes

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