D3665 1380 193 V4 Area A2 CMYK ECI.jpg

The appearance of the decors and surfaces as viewed on a monitor screen can only approximate the colours and structures of the actual finished products, owing to possible variations in contrast, brightness settings and resolution.

­ KRONOTEX EXQUISIT — Laminate Rosemont Oak D 3665

The new D 3665 Oak Rosemont of the EXQUISIT collection exudes unique comfort and warmth. Depending on how light from a lamp or the sun falls on it, this multi-strip décor reflects it differently to create a kaleidoscopic range of dancing colours. Its matt appearance with natural-identical wood structures also harmonises with your rooms year-round. Oak Rosemont delightfully enhances interiors with fresh spring or summer hues or autumn and winter nuances – a genuine décor for all seasons! Experience the versatility of Oak Rosemont in different rooms using the Floor Studio at

Strength Length Width Panels per box m² / box Boxes per pallet m² / pallet
8 1380 193 8 2,131 56 119,320
  • Beanspruchungsklasse 32
  • AC 4
  • Clic System
  • Antistatic

Surface Structure

AF (Authentic Floor): natural and vivid wood texture

Picture for Download

Applied surface
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Figures of individual panels
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