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Suitable subfloors

Once you have decided for a laminate floor, when quality and appearance are a perfect fit, then you need to check the requirements for perfect installation.

Very important is a suitable subfloor:

  • old flooring such as wood, firmly-adhering PVC, dry ceramic, linoleum
  • cement screed (max. residual moisture: 2.0 CM%)
  • cement screed (max. residual moisture: 2.0 CM%)
  • magnesia screed (max. residual moisture: 3.0 CM%)

Have a screed specialist in your area give you a residual moisture report!

Wet rooms, damp rooms, saunas, carpeting and xylolith are not suitable subfloors.

The subfloor must be dry, level, firmly affixed and clean. Minor unevenness can be compensated with an underlay mat or – if exceeding 3 mm/m – sanded down or leveled with a filler.