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Jan let us have a look round his apartment. Far away from the mainstream, the freelancer lives in a stylish loft in Rostock. This creative artist attaches great importance to quality and to an unusual lifestyle. His sense of taste captivates with the combination of classic elements and bold contrasts. His credo: Everything besides the ordinary – and this also extends to his choice of the Herringbone laminate.




What do you associate with a herringbone floorboard? Probably the graceful elegance of sophisticated country estates, venerable castle walls, Viennese coffee houses or the foyers of opera houses and theatres. And this is exactly the elegance that you can now bring into your own home – with our HERRINGBONE collection. It enhances your rooms with an Art Deco and Art Nouveau ambience. And so, in combination with modern interior design, you can create superbly attractive contrasts between tradition and modernity, between fashion and history in your own living space. HERRINGBONE – this is a completely new laying technique in the world of laminate flooring, by means of through which you can easily create a floor covering with a very complex appearance.

Beanspruchungsklasse 32

Abrasion Class
Commercial 32 AC 4

Decor Properties

Fast Installment

Fast Installment

Fast installment thanks to an easy-to-use angle-angle locking system for the long and short sides of the boards.

V4 - all the way round

V4 - all the way round

These panels are equipped with a 45° bevelled edge all around. When joined together, a V-groove is created, which conveys a natural solid wood plank character.

A and B Parts

A and B Parts

A and B panels must be available in equal numbers. Note the marking on the package.

Moisture protection

Moisture protection

Selected Decors now with moisture protection


CE Certificate EN 14041 2006
Made in Germany

The Benefits of Laminate


KRONOTEX laminate flooring predominantly consists of a renewable raw material: wood from sustainably managed forests.


Laminate floors are ideal for children’s bedrooms, as they don’t contain any plasticisers (phthalates). The German consumer magazine Ökotest even explicitly recommends them.


Because laminate is installed without nailing or gluing (as floating floors), no adhesive residues result.


Innovative embossing processes are used to give the surfaces of modern KRONOTEX laminate floors authentic-looking wood grain and stone structures.


Laminate flooring doesn’t contain any diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and therefore can’t cause any changes in hormone levels.


At the end of the product lifecycle, laminate flooring can be unproblematically disposed of or burnt as fuel.


KRONOTEX uses the scrap resulting from the production of laminate flooring as fuel.


KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring - Qualität Made in Germany

KRONOTEX Katalog 2020 EN.pdf ­

KRONOTEX Katalog 2020 EN.pdf

  • Copyright SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG
Download: (31.428 kB)
T00608 Pro Laminat EN 1016.pdf ­

T00608 Pro Laminat EN 1016.pdf

  • Copyright SWISS KRONO GmbH
Download: (1.072 kB)

Product Range

Strength Length Width Panels per box m² / box Boxes per pallet m² / pallet
8 665 133 14 1,238 96 118,848

Skirting board


Movie Clips


HERRINGBONE Installation

HERRINGBONE Installation

Installation instructions HERRINGBONE

Preparation for installation



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