oberflstrukturen image 2018.jpg

Surface Structures

PR (wood pore)

PR (wood pore): typical wood structure

ST (Stone)

ST (Stone): distinctive stone

MO (matt oiled)

MO (matt oiled): matt oiled surface appearance

CP (chrome pore)

CP (chrome pore): wood structure with shine effect

WG (wood grain)

WG (wood grain): rustic embossing

MX (matrix)

MX (matrix): deep structure embossing with typical wood matt/gloss contrast

HG (high gloss)

HG (high gloss): high gloss surface hardened with electron beam

ER (registered emboss)

ER (registered emboss): genuine wood appearance due to consistence between pattern and embossing

AF (Authentic Floor)

AF (Authentic Floor): natural and vivid wood texture

UL (Used Look)

UL (Used Look): with apparently signs of wear and tear

Matt finish (Matt finish)

Matt finish (Matt finish): electron beam-hardened matt surface

ML (Matt Look)

ML (Matt Look): With a waxed look & feel