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References: Examples of KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring

How we live and how we decorate the rooms in which we spend time every day is a very personal matter. It reflects our personality and character. There is much truth in the adage “show me how you live, and I’ll tell you who you are!” Some prefer a minimalist, Spartan style, while others like a pompously playful ambience. And as we all know, it’s futile to argue about taste.

Despite the wide range of presented laminate flooring references, in one respect at least we all “tick” the same way: we love good-quality, harmonious surroundings. We want to create a pleasant environment that suits us and makes us feel good. There are naturally many possibilities for achieving this. But whether we gravitate to a country house, vintage or Scandinavian style, as long as everything from the floor across the furniture to the decorations yields a harmonious overall impression, we’re thrilled by the result. By the way, this applies not only to private homes, but also to restaurants, hotels, shops and so forth.

Our KRONOTEX laminate flooring collections offer a cornucopia of decors that are sure to include the right one for any decorating style and taste. From authentic wood looks to imaginative patterns, from narrow panels to wide planks, from glossy to a used look – you can count on finding the right décor for your own project as well.

To learn more about one of the presented attractive interior decorating examples, please select a room from the picture gallery at the top. We hope you enjoy browsing our laminate flooring references and that you gain plenty of inspiration from them! And if you find yourself wanting to install new laminate in your own rooms, check out our virtual Floor Studio – it lets you easily try out different room situations and combinations!


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