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Living with All of the Senses

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12. September 2016 | KRONOTEX laminate floors create a feel-good home for your senses.

Rugged and uniquely structured: Tower Oak Nature (D 3565) of the MAMMUT collection

Home is a place where we want to feel good and can rest and recharge ourselves for facing life’s challenges. It’s therefore very important for us to experience enjoyment and comfort with all of our senses. The floor is an essential part of this. And the high-quality KRONOTEX Flooring Collection 2016 is ideal for creating a home that pampers all of your senses.

After a long day at work or an eventful family outing, sooner or later we all look forward to heading home and relaxing within our own four walls. And savouring the comfort of this refuge with all of our senses. We can see, feel, smell, hear and taste the quality of life in our home. Because our senses are how we experience the world. They shape our whole life – also at home.

Touch: a Tactile Sensation That’s Just Like Real Wood

Excellent examples are the Pallas Oak decor from the EXQUISITE collection and Tower Oak Nature of the MAMMUT family, both of which feature embossing and colours that perfectly mimic the look & feel of real wood. The reason is that they are “embossed in register” to ensure that the printed image for the décor and the embossing line up perfectly. As a result, the tangible structure of the panel precisely matches the flow of colours in the grain. The effect is to make the laminate indistinguishable from genuine wood for our senses. And having such an artfully recreated wood structure underfoot evokes the feeling of connecting with nature within your own four walls.

Hearing: Peaceful Nights Thanks to Superb Insulation Against Transmitted Impact Sound and Reflected Walking Noise

We enjoy genuine quality of life in the tranquil knowledge that we won’t wake anyone up while walking on the excellently insulated laminate flooring in the hall, even in the wee hours of the night. SWISS KRONO silverline acoustic insulation attenuates sound and noise by up to 20dB. It is also suitable for use over underfloor heating, and even effectively blocks electrosmog. Shielded in this way, you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. During the day, the insulation protects you from stress-inducing noise like that of people walking or sliding chairs.

Smell: Environmentally Sound KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring

The calming fragrance of wood that greets us when we enter our home is another sign of high-quality living. Laminate floors from KRONOTEX are made from eco-friendly engineered wood products and consist to over 90 percent of wood. KRONOTEX laminate flooring is produced using leading-edge, energy-efficient plants that fully comply with expectations in terms of reducing emissions and safeguarding the environment. So you can be sure that KRONOTEX laminate floors have an excellent environmental footprint and are healthy, green products.

Seeing: a Real Wood Look in Top Quality

They say that people live through their eyes. And it’s a fact that our vision and visual perception dominate in us, which is why it’s so important for us to like how things look. The huge range of different wood grains in the decors available from KRONOTEX is a genuine feast for the eyes: they range from minimally structured to excitingly dynamic, and from bright white hues all the way to dark brown and grey shades. Nature has truly drawn upon a bountiful source for creating its enormous pallet of wood grains. And while having breakfast and contemplating the first rays of sunlight falling on a KRONOTEX laminate floor, we can’t tell it apart from real wood, not with the naked eye.

The KRONOTEX FLOORING COLLECTION 2016 offers you everything you need to fully enjoy a feel-good home with all of your senses.

Authentic wood structures: Pallas Eiche (D 3586) from the EXQUISIT collection Rugged and uniquely structured: Tower Oak Nature (D 3565) of the MAMMUT collection A feel-good home you can enjoy with all your senses: the KRONOTEX FLOORING COLLECTION 2016 makes it possible.

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