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More Than Spring Cleaning: Fresh Laminate Flooring with New Insulating Underlay

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24. March 2016 | A new laminate flooring collection and innovative products for attenuating impact and reflected walking sound

Occasionally, more than the usual spring cleaning is in order. Namely when there’s a need for some real renovations. When that’s the case, it often makes sense to proceed from the ground up. Is your old flooring showing its age? Get rid of it!

Laminate is available in a vast range of decors and is also very easy for you to install yourself. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in our 2016 KRONOTEX FLOORING COLLECTION. Whether you’d prefer something dark or light, in oak or spruce, or with narrow or wide boards, there’s something for every taste. Give your creativity free rein and get your floors in shape! While you’re at it, don’t forget to put down a suitable insulating underlay.

The neighbours downstairs will be happy if they don’t have to listen to every step you take, and the acoustics in your own rooms will also be significantly better. This results in a much more pleasant living experience with an enhanced feel-good factor. SWISS KRONO carries a variety of products for attenuating impact and reflected walking sound. While continuing to offer the proven SWISS KRONO insulating underlays made of natural wood fibre, we have also extended our range by adding four outstanding new products:

SWISS KRONO Basic – Foam-based insulation that comes rolled for easy covering of large surfaces to reduce noise.

SWISS KRONO Basic Plus – A practical enhancement of SWISS KRONO Basic that is laminated with PE foil. This eliminates the need to additionally lay a vapour membrane.

SWISS KRONO Premium Sound – High-quality patented insulation for minimising impact and reflected walking noise. It is also laminated with PE foil and especially suited for floating installation under laminate and parquet flooring.

SWISS KRONO Superior Sound – A thicker version of Premium Sound that stops noise even more effectively.

SWISS KRONO Basic for insulating large areas to reduce noise. SWISS KRONO Basic Plus with PE foil lamination that eliminates the need for a vapour membrane. SWISS KRONO Premium Sound and Superior Sound with PE foil lamination for floating installation. The new sample folder, containing all of the SWISS KRONO products for reducing impact and reflected walking sound.

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