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Wood-Fibre Insulation Provides Comprehensive Protection from Electrosmog

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17. June 2015 | Special laminated aluminium foil effectively shields against electrosmog

Electromagnetic fields have become an integral part of our living environment. Radio, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV, microwave ovens and so on are amongst the culprits … after all, who wants to live without them? Yet electrical and electromagnetic radiation adversely affect some people, even causing them to develop health problems. How can we protect ourselves from this all-pervasive radiation?

The debate on electrosmog has been raging for decades. Initially there was mainly concern about transformer stations, high- and medium-voltage power lines, high-current supply cables, and the electrical circuits that surround us in buildings. And it’s true that power supplies account for a large share of the electromagnetic pollution that is also called electrosmog. But in fact, all electronic and electrical devices give off electrosmog. And we use more electrical devices all the time, including many that didn’t even exist just a few years ago.

Take Wi-Fi routers, smart watches, tablets, and Bluetooth devices, for instance – and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the rapidly mushrooming volume of cellular phone traffic and mobile Internet use, which is adding enormously to the amount of high-frequency radiation permeating our planet.

At the same time, growing numbers of people are complaining of fatigue, headaches, weakened immune systems and even considerably worse symptoms. By now it’s an undisputed fact that electrosmog can negatively affect the human body, although the rapidly proliferating case studies, observations and reports on personal experiences have yet to culminate in substantiated scientific findings. Critics assert that electrosmog constantly subjects the body to stresses that can in turn provoke cardiac problems, hormonal imbalances and learning disorders. Some are even convinced that electrosmog damages our chromosomes.

As long ago as 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified electrosmog as potentially carcinogenic. A study published in March 2015 by Prof. Dr. Alexander Lerchl, a biologist at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, shows that radiation from mobile phone systems promote the spread of existing tumours. This confirms the 2010 discovery by the Fraunhofer Institute that electrosmog can aggravate cancers of the liver and lungs. These findings are all the more noteworthy considering that Professor Lerchal, a former chairman of the German Commission on Radiological Protection, had previously taken the position that mobile phone radiation does not inherently pose any health hazards.

How can we protect ourselves?

Protecting ourselves from electrosmog involves, first and foremost, reducing radiation sources within our own four walls or at least keeping them as far from our bodies as possible. For example, do we really need a radio alarm clock right next to our pillow? Could an Ethernet cable take the place of Wi-Fi? Electrical installations should be made with shielded wires and cables only, and they shouldn’t run near the heads of beds.

When moving to a new home, it’s important to make sure that it is far enough away from high-voltage lines, railway power systems and transformers. Unfortunately, however, we have few means at our disposal for influencing these radiation sources. The number of mobile phone masts in particular is steadily rising. Builder-owners, architects and contractors are therefore increasingly resorting to building materials that shield against electrosmog. KRONOTEX has developed KRONOTEX silverline, a wood-fibre insulation with special aluminium foil lamination that almost completely blocks electromagnetic radiation.

The International Association for Electrosmog Research has tested and certified this product as being highly effective. But KRONOTEX silverline is capable of even more: it also serves as a vapour barrier and it greatly attenuates both transmitted impact sound and reflected walking sound. Incidentally, the costs of shielding measures are tax-deductible in Germany (based on a 2012 decision by the Cologne Fiscal Court).

You’ll find more information on electrosmog and how KRONOTEX silverline can protect against it in our special section on healthy living.

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere and can harm our health. Children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of electrosmog. KRONOTEX silverline protects your home from electromagnetic radiation. Bedrooms and nurseries especially deserve protection from electrosmog, so our bodies can relax and regenerate without being stressed by radiation sources. Particularly high-frequency radiation from mobile phones, more and more of which are being used, is suspected of posing health hazards.
KRONOTEX silverline can also be installed beneath laminate flooring to very effectively reduce transmitted impact and reflected walking sound. KRONOTEX silverline effectively blocks electrosmog, thanks to its special aluminium lamination.

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